Hopp til hovedinnholdet

How to pay road tolls when dri­ving in Nor­way

You must pay road tolls when you drive on public roads in Norway, even if you are visiting from abroad. Here you can find information on how to pay road tolls and keep your costs to a minimum.

bus and car drving through a norwegian road toll station.
Toll stations in Norway can be difficult to spot. The sign shown in the picture is a sign that passes through the toll station.

Almost wherever you drive in Norway, you will pass through a toll station. There are a total of 344 toll stations on public roads in Norway. These are spread across 58 different transport projects.

This means you are virtually guaranteed to pass through a toll station when driving in Norway.

Map with an overview of all toll stations in Norway.

Norway was one of the first countries in the world to introduce automatic toll stations. This ensures good traffic flow and reduces queues. The toll stations are equipped with cameras facing both directions of travel that register toll tags (transponders) and record the car’s registration number.

You must pay road tolls when you bring your car to Norway

The toll stations use ANPR technology to recognise vehicles automatically when they pass through toll stations. This speeds up the flow of traffic through the toll stations and simplifies both invoicing and making payments.

This means will not be able to avoid passing through a toll station when driving in Norway.

On this page you will find more information about how to pay tolls and what happens if you fail to pay. It also contains a list of tariffs and toll stations in Norway and explains what the money raised by tolls in Norway is used for.