Here is an overview of the rates on toll points in Oslo og Bærum.
Rate group 1Rate group 2
Crossings in Oslo, without agreementkr 35,00kr 105,00
Crossings in Oslo, with agreement (10% discount)kr 31,50kr 94,50
Crossings in Bærum, without agreementkr 17.50kr 52,50
Crossings in Bærum, with agreement (10 % discount)kr 15,75kr 47,25

The rates are decided by Statens vegvesen Region øst and are active from july 1st 2017.

Rate group 1 are vehicles with an allowed total weight of 3500 kg. Rate group 2 are vehicles with an allowed total weight of 3501 kg and up. Vehicles that are in vehicle group M1 and weigh over 3500 kg pay the price of rate group 1 if they have an AutoPASS agreement. You can read to find out if your car is in vehicle group M1 and what you have to do by clicking here.

If you have an AutoPASS agreement, you will only be charged for one crossing per hour and a maximum of 60 crossings per calendar month. This does not include the toll points in Oslo and Bærum. Read more about the advantages of having an AutoPASS agreement by clicking here.

Here you can find previous rates.