The toll tag is personal, so take good care of it. The toll tag must be registered to the car number of the car it is in. If you are going to move the tag to a new car, then you can easily change the car number through our app or on My page.


  1. Click on the vehicle in the main menu.
  2. Pick the car you are moving the tag from.
  3. Click on the icon “switch vehicle”
  4. Type inn the new car number and choose the weight class. Then press confirm.

Min side

  1. Logg onto Min side.
  2. Click on the light blue box "Change regnumber"
  3. Fill inn relevant data and click on "Complete"
  4. The car change has been registered.

Not buying a new car immediately?

If you are not buying a new car immediately, you must cancel your agreement so that your tag gets “frozen”. It is important to do this as it prevents crossings driven by the new owner from being billed to you. You can easily cancel your agreement on My page.

Min side

  1. Click on the red box "Remove vehicle"
  2. Fill inn which vehicle you would like to remove and on which date this will happen.  
  3. Click on "Remove"

Remember that you must notify car changes within three days. If you do not have access to our app or Min side, you may contact us and we will help you.