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Toll charges in Oslo fund public transportation, new pedestrian paths, and bike lanes

Mann løper med mobil i hånda. Sol og skyskrapere i bakgrunnen.

How to pay road tolls when dri­ving in Nor­way

The most important information about the Norwegian road toll system in English, German, Polish and Ukrainian.

Gravid dame leier datter. En bil kjører rolig forbi og fanges opp av en av Fjellinjens bomstasjoner.

Everything you need to know about AutoPASS

Fjellinjen neither issues nor is responsible for AutoPASS tags. You can find a list of companies that provide AutoPASS subscriptions, the benefits of having a tag, and learn about the difference between Fjellinjen and the AutoPASS providers here.

Dame på benk leser med Munch-museets fasade i bakgrunnen

What happens when you pass through a toll station?

Every day, Fjellinjen registers more than a million toll crossings at our 83 toll stations. This is what happens when you pass a toll station.