Benefits of having a tag:

  • You save 10 % on all toll crossings. The discount includes Oslo and Bærum, most toll points in all of Norway and several ferry stretches. Here you will find a full overview over where you get discounts on your crossings.
  • You will only be charged for one crossing per hour in Oslo and Bærum. This regards each district separately.
  • You will be charged maximum 60 crossings per month, not including crossings made in Oslo and Bærum.
  • You get all your crossing gathered in one bill.
  • The tag can be used throughout all of Scandinavia on bridges and ferries. 
  • Access to your bills and crossings plus the possibility of changing customer details on your phone through our app.

There is a 200 kr deposit on the tag and you will receive it 1-2 weeks after ordering it. The tag is personal, so remember to change the car number on the tag if you use it in a different car. This can be done easily through our app or on My page.

Order a tag today and get a discounts on your crossings!


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