This was introduced on October 1, 2021:

For electric cars in rate group 1

At Bygrensen and in Osloringen, the rates are reduced by NOK 3 during rush hour and NOK 4 outside rush hour. In the inner ring, the rates are reduced by NOK 3 outside rush hour and NOK 1 during rush hour.

For Euro 6 vehicles in rate group 2

The rates are reduced by NOK 5 in all rings both during and outside rush hour.

There is local political agreement on the new rates in Oslo municipality and Viken county municipality. The change is in line with the supplementary agreement to the urban growth agreement for the Oslo area and the rate change has been approved by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

Rates from 1st october 2021


Vehicles in rate group 1 with a valid AutoPASS agreement receive a 20% discount on all passes and benefits such as monthly ceilings and hourly rules, as today. Vehicles in rate group 2 have no discount with the AutoPASS agreement, but the AutoPASS agreement will still provide the benefits of a monthly ceiling and an hourly rule.