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From the 1st of May 2021, all foreign registered vehicles without a valid toll tag will be invoiced by Epass24.

  • Toll charges registered before the 1st of May 2021 were invoiced and managed by Euro Parking Collection plc
  • Toll tags are mandatory for all commercial vehicles above 3.5 tonnes

It is recommended that vehicle owners register with to ensure that the correct toll rate is charged. The toll charge is based on vehicle fuel type and Euro class. Failure to register may result in a higher rate being charged.

Registering with Epass24 also provides easy access to invoices, toll charge details and images. It also gives the option to add automatic payments.

Accounts are free and you only pay for your road toll charges.

Epass24 will only invoice foreign registered vehicles. Vehicles registered in Norway will be invoiced by the Norwegian toll road operators.

Register with Epass24

How to register and pay via Epass24

  1. Register your foreign owned / rented / leased vehicle here.
  2. Drive through the AutoPASS toll stations without stopping.
  3. The invoice will be sent to you, based on the information that you have registered.
  4. Pay the invoice online by payment card or through a bank payment. If you need assistance, contact

Frequently asked questions about Epass24 and payments

Who has to pay tolls in Norway?

All drivers, regardless of nationality, have to pay on Norwegian toll roads. Read more about the rate groups here.

What is the legal basis for toll charges?
The legal basis for toll charges in Norway is Vegloven §27 (Road Act), which states that tolls can be used to finance roads and, in some cases, also public transport.

Why register foreign rental / leasing cars?
By registering, the individual or company that rents or leases a vehicle will receive the invoice directly. If you don’t register, the invoice will be sent to the rental or leasing company which may add administration fees to cover the cost invoicing and collection of the amount from the renter / lessee.

Why register my own foreign car?
Registering for an Epass24 account is a good way to avoid missing out on paying road tolls. A registration will reduce the time from your journey(s) to when you receive your invoice. Furthermore, you will have full control over where the invoices are sent, as well as accessing your invoices, checking due dates, viewing images, registering for e-mail delivery and making payments. You may at any time notify Epass24 about changes or cancel the registration.


Do I need to make an international bank transfer in order to pay?
Epass24 offers customers a choice of paying to a bank account in their local currency or to a Norwegian bank account. Payments can also be made by VISA or MasterCard at

Why did it take so long to receive the invoice after travelling in Norway?
Processing data and finding relevant information might take some time. Toll charges are also put on hold for short periods to enable any additional toll passages to be included in the same invoice.

Why does the invoice include images of my car?
The image is captured at an automatic toll station. If a vehicle does not have a valid On-board Unit (toll-tag) an image of the licence plate is automatically taken in order to connect the vehicle to its registered owner. The images are included on the invoice as proof that the toll passage took place. 

I was driving at night. Why are the images bright?
The brightness of the image is auto-adjusted in order to read the license plate number.

Why have I have received an invoice from Epass24 even though I had an AutoPASS tag?
In rare cases it may be that a payment point you have passed is not registered by our system. If the invoice from Epass24 is just for the road toll, it has to be paid using the payment methods stated on the invoice.