1) Start by registering yourself on My page
(When filling inn your date of birth, you must type in the hyphen as shown in the picture)

2) You will then receive a customer number by e-mail. Use this to log on to Min side and choose “new agreement”.

Min side ny avtale

3) A map will appear, displaying all the toll points in Norway. Click on the toll point “Oslo/Bærum”.

Kart over bomanlegg

4) Another picture will appear, giving you the following options:

1. Separate EasyGo-agreement.
This is if you want us to send you a separate bill for crossings in Oslo and Bærum. If you do not tick this off, you will automatically receive all your crossings in one bill.

2.Agreement with deleting of crossing data. 
If you tick off
"deleting of crossing data", we will automatically delete your crossing data as soon as the crossing has been registered. Crossing data will therefore not be available for review in this case. This makes it more difficult for you to document a potential error on your bill in the future. Additionally, you will not receive agreement benefits such as discounts and a monthly ceiling.

3. Detailed billing.
If you tick off for this, you receive detailed crossing data on your bill. If you do not choose this option, you can easily find your crossing data on Min side.

steg 4 ny avtale

5) Fill inn car number, brand, model and weight class. The agreement will be registered instantly and we will send you a tag by mail.