These are the reasons for no light signal:

  • You have recently entered an agreement and not received the tag yet.
  • The tag is not attached to your front window properly. Click here to see how to properly attach the tag.
  • You have disturbing elements in your font window; UV-files, rain sensor or other things. Read more about which cars this conserns. (PDF, 218KB)
  • There is an error with the toll point you are driving through. We are automatically notified about the error and then we fix it.
  • Your tag needs a new battery or is defect. Contact us, and we will send you a new tag.
  • You have one or more outstanding bills and your AutoPASS agreement has been temporarily frozen until the outstanding bills are payed.


If you are in doubt about why your tag is not working, we recommend that you log onto My page or our app. There you can check the status of your agreement. Alternatively, you may contact us and we will help you.