Everyone with an AutoPASS-tag gets 10% off in Oslo and Bærum. They also get discounts from these toll points.

Some toll points give a larger discount if you pay a larger prepayment. This regards, for instance, Bastø Fosen or Veipakke Salten. If you are unsure about where all the toll points are, you can find a full overview on Autopass.no

This is what you get with an additional agreement

  • You will receive an agreement discount based upon how large your prepayment is.
  • You pay separately to the toll point you have an additional agreement with. We will send you a bill for your other crossings throughout the country.
  • You may have as many additional agreements as you wish.

You enter an additional agreement by logging onto Min side and choosing “New agreement”. A map will appear and you must choose which company you wish to enter an additional agreement with. Then you add the relevant cars to the agreement.

oll points, we recommend that you enter an additional agreement there.