Everyone with an AutoPASS-tag gets 20% off in Oslo and Bærum. They also get discounts from these toll points.

Some toll points give a larger discount if you pay a larger prepayment. This regards, for instance, Bastø Fosen. If you are unsure about where all the toll points are, you can find a full overview on Autopass.no

This is what you get with an additional agreement

  • You will receive an agreement discount based upon how large your prepayment is.
  • You pay separately to the toll point you have an additional agreement with. We will send you a bill for your other crossings throughout the country.
  • You may have as many additional agreements as you wish.

You enter an additional agreement by logging onto Min side and choosing “New agreement”. A map will appear and you must choose which company you wish to enter an additional agreement with. Then you add the relevant cars to the agreement.