The tag is personal, so when you sell your car, take care of it so you can use it on your new car. To use the tag in a new car, be dure to register the car number on the tag before you attach it to tje windshield. you can do this easily on "Min side". 

My page 

  1. Logg onto My page.
  2. Click on the light blue box "Change regnumber"
  3. Fill inn relevant data and click on "Complete"
  4. The car change has been registered.

If you are not going to have a new are right away, it is smportant to terminate the agreement on your car so that no passes are registered og your AutoPASS agreement that belongs to the new owner. You can also do that easily on "min Side".

My page 

  1. Click on the red box "Remove vehicle"
  2. Fill inn which vehicle you would like to remove and on which date this will happen.  
  3. Click on "Remove"

Remenber to report a car change within 3 days, and if you do not have access, please contact us and we will help you register the change. send us an e-mail to