The benefits you receive from having a tag are:

  • 10% discount on your toll passes. The discount applies in Oslo and Bærum, most toll passes throughout Norway and Scandinavia, aw well as several ferry crossings. Here you will fine a complete overview of where there is a discount
  • You will get all you passing's on a single collective invoice
  • Hour rule: you will only be charged for one passing in Oslo and Bærum per hour. This applies separately for each area
  • Monthly ceiling: you will be charged a maximum60 passes per month, this applies separately in Oslo and Bærum.
  • Your tag can be used in Denmark and Sweden on bridges and ferries.
  • Simpler and unified administration where you have full overview of invoices and can easily change information on your customer relationship. 
  • Electronic invoice

It is a 200 Kr deposit on the tag and you will receive it after 1-2 weeks. you can choose your own delivery address for the tag, if it is to be sent directly to an employee and not to the company. the tag is personal. Remember to change the car registration number om the tag if you are using it in a different car. You can easily change it on my page.

Order a tag today and get a discount from the first passing!