How do I add a car to an existing agreement?

You can do that on Min side.

Click on the green box "Add to vehicle". The add the car number and fill out all the vehicle details. When this is done, press "Next".

grønn boks  min side

Tick off "New tag" if you want a new tag, "Existing tag" if you want to move an existing tag to a different car, or “Available tag” if you have a tag that is not in use. Press “next” to move on.

legg til kjøretøy

Choose "Existing agreement". If you have more than one agreement, you may choose which agreement you wish to attach to your new vehicle.


Note that it can take a few days before your order is registered in our system. The agreement is valid from the day you enter the agreement, even if you have not received a tag from us yet. After signing the agreement, it takes 1-2 weeks before you receive a tag from us in the mail.