The order applies:

  • All vehicles over 3.5 tonns registered at enterprise, state, county or otherwise used in business activities.
  • This applies to both vehicles registered in Norway of foreign countries.
  • The tag must be registered to the vehicles registration number.
  • The owner of the vehicle, driver or leasing-taker is responsable to sign up an agreement and that the tag is in the vehicle.
  • Must be a AutoPASS tag or a different tag approved by EasyGo-cooperation between Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Austria as BroBizz.
  • Applies for all Norwegian public roads.

If you do not have a valid tag to the corresponding vehicle over 3.5 tonnes, used for enterprise you can get fined by the police, Norwegian Public Roads Administration or the Customs administration. The fine is at 8,000 Kr. This will be increased to 12,000 Kr if not paid within three weeks. If the fine is still not paid within two years, and additional fee of 16,000 Kr will be added.