Most toll points in Norway are automatic, so you drive through without having to stop. With a valid AutoPASS agreement you will get discounts from the AutoPASS company you have entered an agreement with and most other toll points in Norway.

The main objective with toll financing is to increase the rate of road infrastructure expansion, but also to strengthen public transport in town areas. There are about 70 different toll projects with 190 toll points throughout the country. About 55 of these projects are currently active, while the rest are either finished or have not been started yet.

Toll money in Oslo and Viken.

Oslo package 3 is a plan for development and financing of roads and public transport in Oslo and Viken. The agreement is reviewed yearly, and has a financial ceiling of 100 billion kroners for the period 2017-2036.

Financing of Oslo package 3 occurs through toll money and support from the government, Oslo commune and Viken provincial commune.

Examples of large projects the past few years are E18 BjørvikaprosjektetE16 Sandvika-Wøyenrv. 22 Lillestrøm-FetsundLørenbanenKolsåsbanen og Follobanen.