Payment and prices

Last updated: 7/31/2016 10:41:55 PM

Here you will find prices for toll crossings in Oslo and Bærum with and without an account:

  Up to 3500 kg Above 3500 kg

Crossing in Oslo, non-account holder

kr. 34,00 kr. 102,00

Crossing in Bærum, non-account holder

kr. 17,00 kr. 51,00

Crossing in Oslo, account holder (10% discount)

kr. 30,60 kr. 91,80

Crossing in Bærum, account holder (10% discount)

kr. 15,30 kr. 45,90

 New tariffs from 1st of February 2017

The changes in the tariffs is a political decision and Fjellinjen has no affect in this matter regarding the changes in the prices. Read more here

Click here to see the tariffs from 1st of August 2016- 31st of January 2017 

How are toll revenues spent?

Many major road and public transport projects in Oslo and Akershus are wholly or partially funded by road tolls. Read more here